Clear Path Services

Whether for individuals, support groups or as part of a practice's referral program, Clear Path Energy Healing offers support and management for life's health challenges - from anxiety and depression to chronic, long-term illnesses.

For Health Care Support Groups

For Health Care Support Groups

The traditional care of your support group members could benefit from the complementary nature of energy medicine. Education about energy medicine self-care can offer an improved personal wellness opportunity.

Support Groups

Clear Path offers presentations and workshops on the benefits of Eden Energy Medicine to specific support groups. Groups working with the challenges of sexual abuse, or long term health challenges such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s may find this offering very life giving.

An Eden Energy Medicine approach offers the support of greater health and well-being and provides tools for self help. This practitioner has life experiences in these areas and brings an enlightened understanding of the issues and the life changing ways of the challenges.