Clear Path Services

Whether for individuals, support groups or as part of a practice's referral program, Clear Path Energy Healing offers support and management for life's health challenges - from anxiety and depression to chronic, long-term illnesses.

For Individuals

For Individuals

A Clear Path individual energy session offers a gentle, hands-on energy medicine healing opportunity for individuals seeking one-on-one support with health challenges including, sexual trauma, drug addiction, cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or generalized stress and anxiety.

The practitioner, Mary L. Benner, is certified as an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and a Reiki Master practitioner. She comes to her energy healing practice with many years of experience working in pastoral ministry. Her early training as a registered nurse offers a conventional understanding of the body and its intricate systems. This diverse background offers a deep intuitive listening presence and a sacred understanding of the body, mind, and spirit connections in each individual.

For a focused approach with unique emotional, physical and spiritual challenges the following examples offer avenues for special care:

  • Trauma and wounding from sexual or physical abuse calls for the greatest of care in the healing process. Attending to the energies surrounding the body is a vibrant and vital piece to the healing of the whole person. Experiencing Clear Path energy healing sessions and working with simple energetic home techniques offers great support. Combining energy healing with a gifted therapist integrates a holistic healing opportunity for a renewed life.
  • Individuals suffering from anxiety or depression, originating from early life moments or from current life situations, often need a creative approach to move forward with confidence. When energy is blocked, it may hold other parts of the energy body captive. Clear Path sessions can assist in clearing and balancing the energies surrounding the body, allowing all the intricate energy systems to move freely. Along with energy sessions and some homework, individuals also may incorporate the integrative work of a skilled counselor, and a healthy diet and exercise program.
  • For the everyday challenges of long term health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, a balanced loving approach to the body, mind and spirit is the call of a deeper healing journey. Attending to the energetic body with a Clear Path healing session gives the individual an opportunity to operate with the best possible support of the energetic body nourishing the whole person. Integrating energy sessions with simple and easy home assignments along with excellent medical care, healthy diet and daily exercise creates a holistic wellness program.

End of Life Care

When the time comes for the final moments of life and the transition into the next life is approaching, a loving kind support of Reiki healing energy bridges the moments of this sacred time. As a Reiki practitioner Mary offers a Clear Path healing support at the bedside of your loved one. Caregivers also need this support, as they accompany loved ones with long heartfelt hours of presence and support, thus depleting their own balance of energy. Offer a gift card to the caregiver to schedule an appointment for a Clear Path energy healing session. It can be a time of nourishment and refueling so that the caregiver can continue the ministry of care to a loved one.