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Is Energy Medicine Right for Me?

Is Energy Medicine Right for Me?

Energy work helps facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal.

It is important to note that self-help techniques and energy work with a practitioner do not substitute for professional health care when it is needed. However, when illnesses do hit there is much that can be done to establish an energy field that promotes healing and complements conventional medicine.

Stress and Anxiety

Symptoms of stress may include… consistent feeling of overwhelm; inability to focus or concentrate; general feeling of anxiousness or nervousness; sleep problems; feeling depressed or sad. Energy medicine techniques offer ways to calm and balance the energy systems that are on alert. Learn techniques to gain back control and reprogram the way the body responds to stress.

Long Term Health Challenges

According to Donna Eden’s research and experience, offered in her book Energy Medicine, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue disorder all express themselves in a broad spectrum of symptoms. However, she notes that they energetically share many of the same features, and by addressing the energetic roots of these conditions symptoms may be reduced. The energy focus is to build up the immune system by clearing, balancing and strengthening the energy in the effected energy systems. Thus, instilling habits that maximize the effectiveness of the whole body’s response. Other chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease are attended to in a similar fashion. The focus is not on the disease but on the energies needing attention.

Trauma and Addiction

A post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety that occurs after an individual has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved threat of injury or death. PSTD can occur at any age. It can follow a natural disaster or events such as combat exposure, rape, sexual molestation or childhood neglect and physical abuse. These traumas sometimes place individuals at a higher risk of addictive behaviors. PTSD changes the body’s response to stress. When the body is on constant emergency alert it is unable to rid itself of the stress hormones. The overload causes the body to be in serious distress.

Energy medicine techniques offer effective ways to calm the fight-flight or freeze response. Specific strategies with a practitioner along with home assignments may be effective in restoring the needed balance in the body, both energetically and physically. A holistic approach with these non-invasive measures along with a healthy lifestyle and working with a trained therapist creates an environment of safety for a renewed life.

Preparing for Surgery

Energy medicine approaches for preoperative and postoperative surgery procedures attends to the issues of nausea control, digestion, pain management and working with fears, anxiety and positive outcomes. The goal is to get the whole system strong, particularly the immune system before the surgery and to enhance the body’s ability to heal following the procedure.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Use energy medicine as a complement to conventional medicine. It can ease the issues of anxiety, nausea, and fatigue that often occur with chemotherapy. The overall support of energy medicine techniques builds and strengthens the body’s response for this particular health journey.

Available Services

Clear Path Energy offers an integrated approach, which combines the gentle intuitive nature of Reiki with the practical skills and techniques of the Eden Energy Medicine understandings.

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